Rapid Weight Loss: What Can Be Dangerous and What To Watch Out For

One of the most popular questions for nutritionists is how to lose weight fast. Is it possible without harm to health what counts as rapid weight loss and how you can consolidate the result - answers to these questions can be found in our material.

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What Counts as Rapid Weight Loss?

First you need to decide what is "fast" for us. For example, if this is a week, then there is no need to talk about quality weight loss. Yes, you can lose several kilograms in a short time on fasting days and a salt-free diet. Due to reduced salt intake, excess fluid does not remain in the body, edema disappears. As soon as you switch to the usual type of diet, the kilograms return. If the period is from two weeks to a month, then we can talk about a more permanent and significant result.

"Losing weight can be called fast if you lose more than half a kilogram per week. While you can lose 1. 5-2 kg in the first phase of the diet, most of that weight will be on water. And proper weight loss occurs because of adipose tissue. With the loss of fat mass, body volume is lost. In general, when losing weight, it is wiser to focus on the volume rather than the kilogram and assess the result with a tailor's centimeter, measuring the result before and after rather than with weights.

I also recommend doing a bioimpedance body analysis before starting the diet. With it you can find out how much muscle, water and fat tissue there is per kilogram of weight. And in the future, if you compare the before and after results, you will understand what is causing the weight loss.

The specialist makes it clear that extreme weight loss is dangerous because we lose weight less from fat and more from water and muscles. Because fat is a strategic reserve for our body, from which it is the last to separate. And if we choose the tactic of losing weight without physical exertion and with a low-calorie diet, then it is muscle tissue that goes first. "As a result, we can get a skinny fat effect. You must not be overweight, but due to the lack of muscles, the figure does not appear slim and fit. And we see a nice effect on the scales, but not in the mirror.

What is the minimum calorie intake?

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In order to be able to lose weight quickly at home, some are willing to keep their caloric intake to a minimum. It is not worth taking extreme measures, experts advise adhering to an individual norm for each. This is enough volume to nourish itself throughout the day because the body needs energy to study and work. Sometimes doctors prescribe so-called liquid diets at the rate of 800 calories per day. However, they are usually used in a short time and for specific purposes: for example, to prepare for serious operations.

"To find the right calorie intake, you can use the Harris-Benedict or Muffin-Geor formulas. Both take your age, height, weight, gender and physical activity into account when calculating. The result is the number of calories you need to eat each day to maintain your current weight. If your goal is to lose weight quickly, the resulting rate should be reduced by 20%. Smooth and safe weight loss means a 10% reduction, "explains the nutritionist.

These formulas are at the heart of most online calorie calculators.

"Losing weight quickly can be dangerous for several reasons. The recommended amount of calories is necessary for the body to maintain a constant body temperature, for normal metabolism and enzymatic synthesis. Sometimes for 2-3 days it is possible to significantly reduce the calorie content (to put the body in a mild state of stress and speed up the metabolism. Then doctors have to work with such conditions to restore natural processes. "

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Is it true that losing weight quickly doesn't take long?

It is widely believed that if you lose weight quickly, after completing the diet, the pounds you lost will return just as quickly, and slow weight loss will allow you to keep the result for a long time. Therefore, the questions of how to lose 5 kg, how to lose 10 kg quickly, are irrelevant.

But there is modern research that disproves this claim. Australian scientists conducted an experiment that was attended by 200 people. The first group of subjects followed the diet for 12 weeks, the second - 36. The next stage included those who lost more than 12. 5% of their weight. They were followed for 144 weeks. As a result, 70% of those who lost weight quickly and 72% of those who lost weight slowly reached their original weight. As a result, the speed and intensity of weight loss does not have a significant impact on further shape.

"If the diet is properly planned, the results will last a long time, even with rapid weight loss. If not, then what we get is what is known as the "yo-yo effect" when, when the body goes back to eating, begins to store fat urgently and you gain more than you have lost.

Should You Eliminate Fats?

Fat is the worst enemy of all diets. But it turns out that knowing a few facts about him is enough to turn him from an enemy into an ally of health and beauty. Fat is an essential element for the life of the body. Our body is made up of cells. And the cell membranes are made up of fat. When we deprive ourselves of this important part of the diet, we are literally destroying the "building blocks" that we are made of. In addition, the body gets 35% of its daily energy from fat. Therefore, you don't have to completely give up fat to lose weight quickly, but it is important to keep the ratio of fats and carbohydrates in balance. Low carb diets are generally more effective.

"In the nutritional strategies of the 20th century, fat was declared the main enemy. However, if we eliminate fat and carbohydrates in the diet, it will not produce the desired results. A striking example: grain beef - this is simply the fattest, juiciest meat. The current strategy is to balance fat and carbohydrates. The required amount of fat can be determined as follows: not less than 1-1. 5 g of fat per day per 1 kg of ideal weight. It can be calculated by subtracting 110 from your height, "recommends the specialist.

With a height of 170 cm, the ideal body weight (for doctors) is 60 kg. This means that the food should contain 60-90 g of fat, depending on your body type. "Because of their size and thinness, asthenics need less fat. In hypersthenics with a denser build and wide hips (a classic example is Jennifer Lopez), the norm is slightly higher. As for carbohydrates, they need 100-150 g per day. "

It's all about net carbohydrates. For example, 100 g of cooked buckwheat contains 21 g of carbohydrates. Some of the carbohydrates should come from vegetables.

How do I consolidate the result?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions in weight loss. You need to understand that diet is not an emergency measure, it is a way of life. And once you have developed a balanced diet, you need to constantly monitor it. Of course, this will not be a strict calorie restriction, such as on fasting days, but it is impossible to return to your usual eating style without gaining weight.

Does that really mean that in the struggle for health and slim figure you can forget about fried potatoes and ice cream forever? Any diet allows cheat meals. Translated from English, this word means "offense against the diet" if you eat something that is desirable and prohibited once and consciously. You can commit such diet "violations" a maximum of two or three times a week and follow certain rules. The first rule is that the cheat meal should be a planned promotion. This makes it easier to control yourself. Second isIt is better to eat harmful but tasty things in the first half of the day. Third, do not go from cheat meal to cheat meal. The truth is that with a well-balanced diet, the body gets used to adjusting and "stops" junk foodwant.

"A properly selected diet in which everything has its place: both food pleasures and fiber and the optimal amount of protein (1 g per 1 kg of real body weight) and the right fats help to prevent weight gain again after losing weight. Vegetables should be included in every main meal. This supports a healthy intestinal flora, and current research shows that this is the basis for a proper metabolism. "

If you're not used to that many vegetables, you'd better start with heat-treated ones. Moving forward, it continues to a 50/50 ratio where 50% are fresh vegetables and 50% are cooked or baked vegetables.

"Another factor in successful diet and weight maintenance is healthy sleep. There is evidence that every waking hour after 12 noon adds 200 kcal to our diet the next day.

Star Diets

From time to time more and more new ways to lose weight become fashionable. What are the outstanding diets everyone is talking about?

  • Sirtfood Diet: With this diet, Adele has taken on a new form. You need to eat foods that contain a special type of protein - "sirtuins". They stimulate the metabolism. Our favorite buckwheat is on the list. So if you're wondering how to lose weight in a month, ask Adele.
  • Alkaline diet: The food we eat has an alkaline or acidic reaction during digestion. If you combine these processes correctly, you can lose weight. Victoria Beckham is mentioned among the fans of the diet.
  • "Zone": Protein can be eaten as much per day as fits in the palm of your hand, vegetables with low starch content - no restrictions. Small amounts of fats and carbohydrates are allowed. Jennifer Aniston prefers this diet.